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Qualitig Coventry – Tig Welding Training and aluminum classic motorbike repairs


Qualitig is an exceptional Welding & Repair workshop in the West Midlands.

Offering help to everyone who needs us in these difficult times. we bring in many years of experience to meeting the demands of various big and small industries but most importantly we get to help every single member of the public who comes to us, no matter what levels and no matter what the reason for learning to weld, we will make each and every Welding dream a reality.


Qualitig has for many years had an exceptional reputation as classic motorcycle welding specialists for helping bring old parts back to life, and famously regrowing fins back on to cylinder heads as if new.

And also helping classic car enthusiast with panel work and fuel tanks etc. 

But now we are turning our attention…… to you.

And we want you to be able to do what we do.

With our 1-2-1 practical welding & repairs training days focused 100% around what you need, you can start learning today, and start your own projects tomorrow.

Even better, learn to weld one day, then repair your own parts on one of our repair days so you actually learn to repair and then your parts get repaired free.

BEGINNERS TIG & MIG Welding Training Days

At Qualitig we take pride in each and every training day we teach, and we know exactly what it is like and how it feels when you first pull on those overalls, put on that welding mask and those nerves kick in. The only difference this time is that we will take those nerves away and make your training day a walk in the park.



Is it really that simple…. Yes it is! It is just like the film Ghost just without the pottery wheel. I control …

Another training day working with a customer making this Fan cowling for his pride and joy.

A morning spent welding up these quality cowls for a local company.

It was an absolute pleasure helping this gent with his project just before Christmas. The problem was that when he is doing …

Another Saturday morning spent working on another project with a Triumph Classic bike enthusiasts exhaust design. It is always nice to bring …

All I can say is that it was an absolute pleasure being part of making the Commonwealth Torch 2022. With so many …

It really was a pleasure teaching this couple to weld the other week. Maciek and Anna wanted to learn for 2 reasons… …

A nice batch of Austin Healey fuel tanks heading back to the customer.


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