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Qualitig Coventry – Tig Welding Training and aluminum classic motorbike repairs


Qualitig is an exceptional Aluminium welding, Teaching & repair service in the West Midlands.

Offering help to anyone who needs us in these difficult times. we bring in many years of experience to meeting the demands of various industries and help a broad range of customers.

If you have a passion for welding and have always wanted to try your hand at learning for a hobby at home, a retirement plan or just to get you back into employment then our hands on 1-2-1 welding & repair days will be just what you need.

As classic motorcycle welding specialists we have a first class reputation worldwide for bringing old parts back to life, and famously regrowing fins back on to cylinder heads as if new.

If you are a classic car enthusiast, then we can also help with your projects. 

And finally, if you are a company who are struggling with your workload then please give us a shout and lets see what we can do to help.


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